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Changes from version 2.4:

- new questions:

  - General:
    G8. Which TP actors have died?

  - TV Episodes:
    E53. Which TP actors have appeared on "X-Files"?
    E54. In which TP episodes did David Duchovny appear?
    E55. Will there ever be an "X-Files" "crossover" episode
         about TP? 
    E56. What is the significance of the numbers on Hank's
    E57. What is the shadow floating on the curtains in the
         Red Room during Cooper's dream (episode 2)?
    E58. What does Ben see behind him that startles him
         episode 27)? 
    E59. Did the idea for TP come from the "Dallas"
         nighttime soap opera?
    E60. What are the "stitches with the red thread"?
    E61. What happened to Cooper in Pittsburgh?
    E62. What does the Giant mean by "one and the same"?
    E63. Did the Black Lodge lure Cooper to Twin Peaks?

  - Fire Walk With Me:
    F25. Who plays the woman with the ice pack?
    F26. What does Carl mean by "I've already gone places"?
  - Books and other Products:
    P8. How do I get information on the annual TP Fan
  - Mark Frost:
    M6. What is "The Six Messiahs"?

- changes/additions to questions: G3, G4, G5, E3, E10, E13,
  E35, E36, E46, E49, F24, I1, I5, I7, P1, P2, P3, P4, L1,
  L3, L8, M2 (thanks to the many readers who sent
  corrections or updates)

- updated list of TP World Wide Web pages (see question I6)

- reformatted for "Twin Peaks Online" web pages
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